Land Based

Our Land Based tours are done to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. For tourists who are visiting the islands for more than a day, we offer not only penguin tours, we also have self catering cabins that accommodate  4 people, for more information please contact us. We also have excellent wildlife 47 different species have been recorded to date, on a normal trip you can see 4 types of penguins the Rockhoppers, Gentoo and Magellanic and King .


There is one ATM situated at the local petrol station.
Banks are closed over the weekend, so to be safe it’s good to make sure you have enough money out before the weekend just in case the only ATM here decides to break down.

For cruise ship passengers. 

We now can offer you a chance garented to see 4 types of penguins Rockhopper, Magelanic, Gentoo, Kings a 5 to 6 hour tour, accross our farm just outside Stanley, for more information please contact me, thank you, Adrian.