We were the pioneers of cruise ship passengers outside of Stanley, our tours working with Sullivan Shipping who are our Agents for the cruise liners that call in. On our sheep farm, the Murrell, we run about 3,000 sheep (Corriedale – Polwarth mixture) just for the wool, we are locally a small farm, having just over 10,000 acres.

As our business grew from our cruise ship passengers, we started to get more involved with the land based visitors and in 2001 we got together with local tour operators, as we grew again we had more travel agents wanting to use us for our business for penguin tours.

We put more investment into our business, we improved our tour for internal use also for the passengers traveling by ship. We now can offer small group outings we can help in anyway possible to make it an enjoyable experience. the farm has on its land 4 different types of penguins, Magelanic, Gentoo, Rock hopper, also Kings, and smaller bird life as well, we have recorded 47 different species to date.